We are born.
We emerge from these factories,
into our societies.
We are: The Base Model Human Being.
Made up of mostly the same component parts.
What we become is up to us.

Many will accept the way things are.
They will start as stock and end as stock.
But some of us aren’t satisfied
We decide that “ordinary” isn’t enough.
So we build.
We tinker, we risk, we evolve.
And in doing so we transcend the box we came in.
We become something more.

Before you lies exceptional opportunity.
There’s a spectacular ride to be had.
If you don’t take it, you may as well be dead.

video by Seth Dunlap // @sethdonaldunlap
written by Grant Spanier // @grantspanier
photos by Roy Son // @roy.son
illustration by Tyler Thorney // @tyler.thorney
In collaboration with CROIG Co. // @croig.co

Full story on the blog at deathtothestockphoto.com/photopack-ride-die/

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