‘Radar’ Tyler Squints Imel

BELACULTURE is based out of Albuquerque New Mexico and skateboarding is in BELACULTURE’s DNA. I’ve ( Caleb Chavez) known Tyler from the skate scene in Albuquerque since he was a little kid. It has been amazing to see him progress in skateboarding and life. He truly has a skater spirit and a love for life that you really don’t see that often these days. Take the time and view all the episodes of ‘Radar’ brought to by The Berrics.

Info from The Berrics YouTube page:
Ladies and gentlemen, the latest part from the one and only Squints.

Tyler Imel (better known as “Squints”) recently put the finishing touches on his latest part, which we will be airing this weekend. In this first episode of his RADAR series, we go back to the very beginning: the vertically challenged ollies of an eight-year-old and the old stomping grounds that shaped the wild man we know today. By episode three you’ll understand that Squints—perhaps more than most—has his eyes wide open.

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