#Match Made in Hel

The Arto Saari Invitational

The idea to take skateboarding where its never been before, is a thought of pure adventure. To cross boundaries, see new terrain, to be the first; is the essence of adventure. Pro skateboarder and photographer Arto Saari had that vision of skateboarding somewhere thats never been skated before, #Match Made in Hel, Helsinki Airport.

I will let the video tell the story.

We here at BELAculture love the behind the scenes. It puts into perspective all the hard work that goes into making a dream, become the reality.

For the hardcore skateboarder this edit is for you.

Saint Augustine said, ” The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.” Arto has probably read a book or two. It’s inspiring when we can see people who don’t settle for a page. The question I ask myself, am I reading a book? Skate & be Happy. ‘Live & Love Life’

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