Broken Dreams // Sebastien Zanella

Sebastien Zanella has such a beautiful outlook on life and his words are full of inspiration and truth.

Broken Dreams // Sebastien Zanella a documentary directed by Gabriel Novis.

“If you stay true to yourself you will be interesting. What you do and what you are, is interesting to someone somewhere.” Sebastien Zanella

Zanella is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Desillusion Magazine, an online and print publication dedicated to a youth who grew up on a skate or surf board.
As Sebastien travels the US, he shares his inspiration, working dynamic and general outlook on culture, art, and adventure .

Supported by Eastpak

-Sebastien Zanella
-Tom Erik Ryen
-Kassia Meador
-Lola Mignot
-Todd Blubaugh
Shot by:
– Gabriel Novis
– Sebastien Zanella
– Denis Carrion
Music by:
– Alex Kemp // Recorded at Wolf at the door
Sound Design and Mix:
– Mark Scearce

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