Artist: Minda King

I recently got a chance to sit down and interview Minda King. She is an artist based out of  Vancouver, Washington. It was great to meet such an inspiring and talented artist like herself. I got to ask her a few questions and find out how she got started doing what she is doing, and how it has impacted her life. Her work is super original and one of a kind, bringing every piece that flare and look that only you will have in your wardrobe. Here is a glimpse into the mind of Minda.



BCWhat is your name and age?
MindaMy name is Minda King and I am 21 years old.

BCExplain in your own words what you do as an artist?
MindaOoh.. I just, I don't know I have fun with it. I just like to draw what I like, haha that's kind of a hard question. I really just have fun with it, it's something that's freeing. I don't have to think about it, I mean sometimes it can be hard to think about. What should I draw is probably the biggest challenge when it comes to it. I just do it, I just draw, I don't have to think or anything, I can listen to music. Sometimes, I'm more critical with my artwork, then after I start adding detail I get excited. It's kind of a stress reliever for me. I just have fun with it.

BC: When did you first discover your artistic ability?
MindaProbably when I was like six actually; my parents, well "Santa Clause" but my dad built me an art table. Just because I loved to draw so much, I remember it was the coolest gift I have ever got from them.

BC: What made you decide to pick up the pencil?
MindaMy dad, I love to sit and draw with my dad because he's a really talented and an amazing artist. I always want to hang out with my dad and do stuff with my dad. So, we draw together and hang out. When I was younger I use to enter and win drawing contest and loved it. It was something I was good at and it was fun.

BCSo you'd say he's your inspiration?
MindaYea defiantly!

BCHow did you get into this medium of art, drawing on shirts?
MindaWell, ok, so I love to draw anyways, and my mom is really crafty. She makes clothing and things like that, one day I had this old beat up shirt and was like "I don't wanna wear that anymore!" But I've seen it online, other artist creating art on shirts. Actually at Portland Saturday Market I've seen people and talked to artist like this one girl.  She drew designs and made tank tops and sold clothing. And I was like I could totally do that, and make my own clothing. So I just started , I took an old T-shirt and made it into a tank top and started drawing. I was like, whoa, this is actually really cool! And I still have that one, cuz your always supposed to keep your first piece of work. Then people started wanting to wear them and buy them. So that was really cool.

BC: Do you work with any other mediums other than drawing?
Minda: It used to be that I liked working with just pencil and paper the most, but recently I've been enjoying painting with acrylics on canvas. I would love to get into charcoal, I haven't gotten there yet. I wanna try different things, I really wanna just try it all, all different types of mediums.

BC: What inspires you to do what you do?
Minda: I would say other people's work honestly, seeing other people's passion and art is inspiring to me. Anything like photography and music inspires me.

BC: Who do you look up to as an artist? Who makes you want to become better at what you do?
Minda: Probably my dad, he's really good. I like his style of art, he's really detail oriented. His art is kind of darker, he has his own style were it's realistic but has a cartoonish twist to it. I realize my art reflects that, it's kind of cartoonish but is more realistic, detailed.

BC: Do you have a favorite local shop or place you like to get your supplies from?
Minda: For the clothing I love going to Goodwill because they have a lot of different materials that I can work with to get what I want to achieve. Then Jo-Ann's or Michaels to get the different markers and pens I like to work with.

BC: Do you sell your art?
Minda: I do! I actually started an Etsy shop where I started selling the clothing at least. I've been making onesies and stuff for babies. I started that as a gift actually.

BC: Have you I done any collaborations with any other artist?
Minda: No, not yet. That would be really cool though.

BC: Overall, how many pieces of clothing do you think you've done?
Minda: Well with shirts I haven't drawn as many, but combined with onesies I would say about thirty to forty.

BC: You said you started out doing these as gifts?
Minda: Yea I started that way, and people started telling me that they would buy them. Then for me to see people that I don't even know want to buy my shirts is really cool. It's a great way to not spend that much and get paid a little bit for your art. To have people actually like your art is really cool, because I mean, I do it for me but I don't know it's kind of surprising. Even this interview, I'm like wow! People really like my art.
BC: Yea it's really rad what you do!

BC: If you could see yourself in say three to five years, what would you hope to accomplish as an artist by then?
Minda: I would want to be selling actual paintings and drawings, not just the clothing. To have a screen printer by then for my Etsy shop to make me a bit more established so I can sell more. To have an actual on-line store and not just an Etsy.

BC: Well thanks for letting me pick your brain a bit.
Minda: Thanks so much! This was way cool!


To check out Minda’s clothing, art, and to make your purchases go visit her Etsy account-

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