Going into the #24hourproject i didn’t know what to expect but i also didn’t really think about it, or the challenges of taking a photo every hour for a full 24 hours. The only planning before hand was making sure all the gear i was going to use was packed and charged. I decided to go with a DSLR and for a few day shots my Polaroid SX-70 and 600se. You would think that an hour a photo would be enough time, but when you hate most of the pictures you take and factor in the time it takes to get from place to place, transfer images and post them, you find yourself in a constant battle with the clock. Getting to explore your city at times you normally would not was one experience that really left its impression on me. Sure I’ve seen these places day and night, drove past a million times but at 3 in the morning you find a whole new perspective on a old scene. Just like anything else to get better at something you have to get out and do it and much as you can and even if i secretly hate a few of these photos it got me out and shooting for a full day. This project was an international event and if you look up the hash tags in the photo you can see other photographers and the 24 hour look at there individual cities.

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Special Thanks to @igersabq

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