The 1 moto show: PDX

The 1 Moto Show: PDX

Motorcycles, Beer, and Coffee in the PDX, you can’t ask for a better combination. IMG_8470From the moment I heard about this event I had to go. I got into building motorcycles about a year ago and it has consumed me. I built a sweet little 1976 Honda CB360T Cafe Racer with a couple of my buddies last year and it was the greatest. I fell in love with the hands on approach, the feel of riding a motorcycle you know you made come alive, and the whole motorcycle culture. The 1 Moto Show had it all. This was their sixth year running and from what I heard was the biggest and best year yet. The attention to detail, the venue, the layout, and everything in between was top notch. The gathering of like minded individuals within any culture is truly something special. The variety of hand built motorcycles and all the unique styles was breath taking. It was exciting, inspiring, motivating, and most of all a really fun time. Here is a few photos of the event. Enjoy.

For more info about the event check out:

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Special THANKS to all the guys & gals at See See Motor Coffee Co. for putting together such a great event!

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